My history with Animal Crossing started back on the DS with Wild World. I liked Wild World a lot. It wasn’t my number 1 game out of my  very very very small DS library, I was playing other games such as Lego Star Wars or… Flushed Away… anyway, I would put it in my DS from time to time to play and explore my town. I should note that I was about fourteen years old and I didn’t know any better SO when I used a cheat device to change all the weed in my town I had abandoned for two years into bells… I made a huge mistake. The last time I possibly touched Wild World was when I saw that my town had turned into an absolute dump, I did the only reasonable thing: I deleted my town and all my bells and started anew… only to say ‘this game didn’t age well’ and deleted THAT town within the first ten minutes and I’ve never touched Wild World ever since. The reason why I said Wild World didn’t age well is that as the series went on, everything became a lot better. That seems very obvious like ‘duh of course it got better’ but you would still expect you could go back and relive your memories of walking around your town and having fun in it. For some reason, Wild World felt very laggy to me and hard to control at times like everything should be moving much faster. Despite this, the game is still playable, the villagers are unique, and you really have your whole town to explore.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

City Folk was the next game I got the Wii and I can say that City Folk was just as good as Wild World. Keyword: just as good. City Folk to me always felt like an expansion of Wild World. The town itself didn’t change with the exception of being able to have slops in your town that you could descend or ascend similar to how Animal Crossing Gamecube handled it (we’ll get to that one soon). The difference between City Folk and Wild World starts is with the town. Instead of a taxi like in Wild World, you can now travel from your town and to the city by bus with some funny dialogue from Kapp’n to pass the time. Arriving at the city, there’s a lot to do from time to time. Shampoodle, Dr. Shrink and Fillard’s shows, Gracie Grace. What were either expansions or random day tents that would show up in your town are now in the city with the exception of Redd’s shop which you can get access to with a code given to you by a villager in your town. Other than that, Animal Crossing really isn’t totally different from Wild World and it feels more like a port than an actual new game. It’s still fun and DEFINITELY more playable than Wild World. If you had to go between having Wild World and City Folk… City Folk is the way to go.


If you had to choose between Wild World, City Folk, AND New Leaf… please choose New Leaf. Now before I get into New Leaf… I wanna talk about the third Animal Crossing Game I owned which was Animal Crossing for the Gamecube.

Animal Crossing (for Gamecube)

I won’t take long with this but I maybe played this game for two weeks and it’s safe to say the series got a lot better going forward but it should be noted that this game gave the villagers a lot more personality compared to other games. I’m sure there’s more I could say about Animal Crossing for Gamecube but it’s really hard to pinpoint my feelings for this game as I didn’t play it for long. SO moving onto New Leaf…

Animal Crossing (New Leaf)

New Leaf is still the best game in the series.

I’m serious.

When New Leaf came out, it gave the series a brand new coat of paint that is needed after City Folk. New Leaf would best be described as City Folk but better and not wanting to waste your time. New Leaf sees you (accidentally) becoming the mayor of a new town which you can name just like in all the other towns. Many new and old characters are introduced like Isabelle who is one of the best secretaries in gaming and of course Tom Nook as usual. However, unlike the other games, you actually have a goal that YOU want to accomplish. Apart from making your town the best place it can be (and making the perfect town flowers appear), you have another part of your town that replaces the city from City Folk which is referred to as Main Street. This is where all your shopping, fortune-telling, fossil donating, and more here but it’s not unlocked from the beginning! No, you need to work for a lot of it. Whether that be buying stuff from the store, speaking with special characters that appear in your town, or just by playing the game. YOU need to do what you can to make your town better for you and your villagers. With your awesome mayor powers, you can have public works projects as well which include just building new bridges from even have the police station in your town as well! There was a lot to do with this game and it was a lot of fun and not a tedious chore!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If there ever were a more disappointing game in the series, it would be this one. Keep in mind I say this game is disappointing. Not bad, not terrible… disappointing. When this game came out, everyone was freaking out because EVERYONE wanted Animal Crossing for the Switch, myself including. The more stuff got revealed the more we got excited AND… oof wow. I played this game for maybe a month and gave up after I got K.K. Slider on my island.

That honestly made me sad.

New Horizons basically just sent you to an island as a getaway package thing and then Tom Nook is like ‘our ultimate goal is getting K.K. Slider here’ which is fine, most Animal Crossing games do give you a goal of sorts for a while before you’re on your own but after that, the whole game gets SO tedious. After K.K. shows up on your island, you’re allowed to do whatever you want and of course, what you’d probably want is to get a five-star island… BUT IT’S NOT AS SIMPLE AS IT WAS IN THE OTHER GAMES AND INSTEAD OF HAVING FUN WITH IT, IT FEELS MORE LIKE WORK!! Making your island how you want it to look will take A LOT of time which wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t for one fatal flaw: Tools that break. Yes, you’re not playing Minecraft or Terraria or whatever, you’re playing Animal Crossing, a game series that didn’t have tools break before until this game, and trust me, it gets way too repetitive. Oh and the villagers? Boring. They lost all their charm and personality. All it is now is ‘It’s a nice day out right?’ and that’s it. I don’t even remember my villagers asking me to do them any favors or showing something different than the copypaste text that I see ALL of them say. Please don’t think New Horizons is a bad game or anything like that, it’s not. It’s more ungraceful and disappointing than New Leaf. I still prefer New Leaf compared to New Horizons but New Horizons is also getting updated from time to time and adding more to its already vacant world. Hopefully, in the future, I can write something that is instead praising New Horizons for becoming a great game and not being as disappointing as it is. Thank you guys so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post.  If you’d like to purchase Wild World, New Leaf, New Horizons, or even Happy Home Designer, please click on the links below. If you like what you read, please consider following both the Geek Realms Facebook and Instagram pages. Sharing will also help us grow as a website and any purchases made in the store really help supports me!

Until next time, remember to keep Living Life Geeky!

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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