Being that this is my very first post on anything on this website, I should say here that I’m not a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles. I tried watching some gameplay and I even watched all of the cutscenes on YouTube through various sources and I just couldn’t get gripped by the story of Xenoblade 1. With this, you can expect I was whatever with Xenoblade 2 and Xenoblade X (although I will admit from what I’ve seen from Xenoblade X it looks amazing). Other than that, I’m not a big Xenoblade fan… so when Pyra/Mythra got announced as DLC fighters, I was pretty bummed out and so were many other people that I know, with one even saying that the DLC would have been better back in 2017 when it was announced that Xenoblade 2 wasn’t getting a rep in Smash Ultimate. That being said after trying out Pyra/Mythra and playing on the new stage… wow, I think this may be one of my new favorite fighters in Smash Bros ever. For context, I am not a competitive person when it comes to Smash, I’m more casual when it comes to the game I play it for what it is. For the longest time, I was a Cloud main due to Cloud being the closest thing to Sora (a character I know is not coming to Smash yet still want). However, I think Pyra/Mythra may become my new main. Having both a power and speed character is absolutely handy when it comes to how competitive online can be. Of course, they are also different from Zelda/Shiek in Melee/Brawl but still similar. Shiek was obviously more of a speed and quick attack kind of character but Zelda was harder to place as she definitely wasn’t a power character like Pyra is (or at least didn’t feel like one). Either way, Pyra/Mythra are AMAZING to play and are super fun to test out what kind of moves you can do by switching between both of them. However, I do suspect that some of their attacks will be nerfed hard in the future. For example, Mythra’s side smash attack gets a VERY wide area and you can spam quickly as well. You can be knocked out of it but I can see it being nerfed in the future. Pyra’s up smash attack is also very strong and very fast as well. I’m not saying these are issues but I do see them being nerfed in the future as Nintendo has nerfed and buffed characters before for weird and unexplained reasons. I have to say I was very surprised with both Pyra/Mythra in the end. Again, I was bummed that I didn’t see a character I personally wanted but as with a few of the DLC characters, I was pleasantly surprised and happy with how they played and how they work. All I can really say to this is that I’m happy that Pyra/Mythra ended up being amazing characters to add to Smash in a competitive way.

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