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Unpopular opinions are something that everyone has. You may think something is better than what people say or you may hate something that others love. This happens all the time, especially with movies, TV shows, and in our case, games.

I figured I’d start something unique like this just to get a conversation going and just a conversation at that. I ask that you don’t bash someone else’s opinion just because they like something you don’t or you do like. I have plenty of unpopular opinions that I’m sure would get me executed by the gaming community but in the end, they are just opinions and whether you think they’re right or wrong is totally up to you.

Today I felt it was a right (or wrong) thing to talk about a game that has recently been removed from the Nintendo e-shop as well as stopping production: Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a three-in-one game which included three of Mario’s 3D adventures for his 35th anniversary.

I thought this collection was amazing.

Now I had owned both Sunshine and Galaxy a long time ago for my Wii back when I still had it but I had never gotten a chance to play 64 so when I heard that this game that was praised by everyone was on a package I bought it without a second thought. I didn’t JUST buy the three-in-one game just for 64. In fact, I was more excited that Galaxy was going to be on it and with controls that were adjusted to where if you preferred to play with the joy-cons in, you could use the buttons on the joy-cons instead. I thought it was such a great idea.

The main reason why everyone hated this game was that it was limited. You could only buy a copy of it on September 18th, 2020 digitally until it was taken off the e-shop or physically at various locations until March 31st, 2021 but that of course wasn’t it. There were many other issues that people have with it such as Super Mario Galaxy 2 not being in the collection, the presentation of the actual game menu itself, no new additional content, and much more.

Now there are MANY reasons why I could see why someone would diss this game and not wanna play it. Some of the reasons for not buying the games are good reasons but others are just nitpicky to me. I think that a game should strive to be the best it can be but you can’t also diss a game just because it’s missing features, especially when it includes three of Mario’s greatest adventures that were mostly praised by the public years ago and still hold up for the most part today.

As stated above, a nitpick about All-Stars is that it doesn’t include a ton of new content. You get the three games: 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy, and each game’s soundtrack. 

That’s it. 

There isn’t anything wrong with that as the main point of the game is to well… play the games. You’re not there to listen to the music as great as they are, you’re there to play the games and I think Nintendo showed this brilliantly. It almost feels like people find every reason possible to hate Nintendo for small things even when Nintendo does all they can do right. Yes, there have been times when Nintendo has appeared lazy or has pushed away its fans for other purposes which I’m not going to get into here but once again having three games on one cartridge or bought digitally was such a great deal to have each game on the go.

Overall, I believe 3D All-Stars is a great trilogy of games and I’d say you should buy it… if it wasn’t a limited release.

Because of March 31st, 2021 passing and Nintendo pulling it off the e-shop and stopping production of it, a bunch of scalpers have gone out in their mom’s minivans to GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, and anywhere else to go pick up a million copies of 3D All-Stars to go and sell them all on eBay for a price that is NOT worth it for a limited game. I doubt that many of us would want to pay $2,500 plus $60 shipping for a game we can no longer play.

Either way, while the limited release was a poor move, it doesn’t stop this collection of games from being amazing and I hope maybe Nintendo brings it back on the e-shop for whatever reason and listens to what the fans want but of course, that’s probably wishful thinking…

Thank you all so much for reading this Unpopular Opinion! I hope I haven’t upset many of you with this blog. If you liked this blog, please go check out some of my other ones or follow the Instagram and/or Facebook Page for future blogs! You can also subscribe to the email list to be notified of new blogs as well.

Until then, remember to keep Living Life Geeky!

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