A 501st Battle Pack was something that many Lego Star Wars fans have wanted for a long time, myself included. I have been collecting Lego Star Wars sets forever and Lego itself for even longer. It only came to me recently that there really wasn’t anything out there that would allow you to build what was once known as Anakin Skywalker’s army during the Clone Wars to Darth Vader’s army during the Galactic Civil War. However, that all changed when it was announced that a Lego set including the 501st and its respectable colors would be placed on store shelves in August of 2020.

It should be noted that most battle packs are $14.99. This set is much more than that and shouldn’t be treated like a battle pack because it wasn’t meant to be. However, that shouldn’t take away from how amazing this is that we finally got a set like this to build huge armies!!

The set comes with six minifigures, four 501st troopers (including a jet trooper), and two battle droids. Being that the troopers are the main part of the set, getting four of them is a bargain while only getting two battle droids is perfect. It gives you the impression that the troopers are the main course. The set includes a buildable AT-RT walker and speeder as well.

On Lego.com as of right now, the ratings for the set are as follows:

Play Experience: 4.7

Level of Difficulty: 2.2

Value for Money: 4.5

These ratings very well reflect what exactly you’re getting out of the set and it’s clear that this is a set that not only inspires you to get many more, especially with the price being good and the build being relatively simple.

Overall, I would recommend this set for anyone who’s a fan of Star Wars: The Clone Wars or just a Star Wars fan in general. I doubt you’ll hear too many complaints of ‘Ugh, not another one!’ instead you may just hear ‘Wow! Another one to build my army!’ You will not regret it.

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501st Legion” Clone Troopers

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